How to thrive in Healthcare during 
these difficult times

Invest 10 Minutes A Day In Order To Change 
The Rest Of Your Life

What do you identify with most with right now about your 
career/business in the midst of the Coronavirus?
Is this you?
Do you want to be this?

If you most identify most with Person A, this event is for you.  Read this entire page to learn how we can transform you and your business into a pandemic and recession-proof legacy.

What if we told you there are many healthcare providers right now who are STILL crushing it their businesses, 
even during the pandemic?

One business just made 25K in 3 hours, selling to people who claim to have ‘no money’

One business just got 863 new customers in less than 60 hours

One business just made an extra 12K in one weekend without paid ads

Another business just hosted a paid virtual workshop for 20 patients for her Pelvic Health practice, and converted 16 of those into a Telehealth visit

How Did They Do That?


They RE-CALIBRATED their business. 

Re-calibrated, meaning they pivoted. They were willing to make a massive shift in their business to adapt to what is happening right now with the global pandemic. 

Essentially, they’ve learned to ‘ADAPT OR DIE’

They’ve been willing to adapt in their business, and therefore continue to THRIVE right now.


Health-E-O is the ultimate personal development program that gives you the blueprint on what it takes to become the person that can create a successful and profitable business.

Here's what's included in Health E-O....

Week 1: P - Helping you build the power promise so you keep your word to yourself and build your integrity.

Week 2: R - How to build relationships that will build generate massive value to your audience and build your good will bank account with them.

Week 3: A - How to start to advance your clients in the new healthcare world

Week 4: Y - How to get clients to say Yes to you so you can build a strong tribe!

Week 5: E: Evolve -How to build yourself to come out of this “winter” as the Health E O and have your career build the life you want instead of being a slave to your career.

Week 6: R: Relentless - The only way to make it through and thrive through “winter”

Do you have the essential SKILLS needed to 
thrive right now during the pandemic?


Did you know that Apple and Microsoft were actually born during a crisis, similar to the one we’re in right now?

If you want to be part of the new wave of wildly successful business owners who are born in this crisis, you have to utilize your time wisely right now. 

Are you ready to learn how to RE-CALIBRATE and learn the essential skills needed to thrive in the healthcare marketplace, to truly become pandemic-proof?

Here’s what you can expect from the 2-day SSHC Virtual Event:



During this time, EVERYONE has to recalibrate their business. 

You’ll learn how do this, as well as hear REAL success stories of colleagues in healthcare who are taking this pandemic and not just surviving, but thriving from it

Day 2: CARE

Throughout day 2, you will learn very actionable skills that you must use in order for your business to thrive.

What you are going to get on this one time offer

  • The Health E-O Program: ($1997)
  • ​1 Ticket for SSHC Virtual Summit 2020 ($197)
  • Affiliate for SSHC Programs ($297/month)

$2491 Value

 $297 One time Payment or 
$99 for 3 Months

How Do You Want to come out of this crisis tunnel?

 This offer is ending soon.....

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